• 05 Mar 2023
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Article summary

These are some of the resources we think will be helpful to Azure Integration developers.

Logic Apps

Building integration solutions with Logic Apps Standard

Logic Apps - A Beginners Guide

Logic Apps Patterns and Best Practices

Automated Testing for Logic App Standard

App Insights with Logic Apps

BAM with Logic Apps

Logic App Consumption Dev with Portal and Terraform

Azure Integration Services Dev with Terraform

Logic Apps Development Tips and Tricks with Sandro

Automated testing for Logic App Standard Video

Message Batching in Logic Apps Standard

Message Batching in Logic Apps Consumption

Logic App Standard Built in vs Azure Connectors

Call javascript code from Logic App Standard

Azure Integration Pub/Sub for BizTalk Devs - Part 1

Azure Integration Pub/Sub for BizTalk Devs (Content Based Routing)

Using BizTalk Maps and Flat File Scheas in Logic Apps

Decoding a flat file with Logic Apps

Using Liquid Transforms in Logic Apps


Service Bus

API Management

Event Grid

Data Factory

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