Integration Account
  • 13 Dec 2020
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Integration Account

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In this section we will look at the Integration Account.

Product Recommendation

Microsoft are making some changes with the running of Logic Apps on the functions runtime which will offer other options for some of the functionality offered by an integration account. If you are already using then you should be ok to continue for now but we feel there may be potential cost optimizations and simplifications when the ability to run the transforms within the functions runtime becomes available.

What is it?

The Integration Account is an addition to Logic Apps on Azure which allows you to have additional features which will help you with Enterprise Integration use cases.

You can absolutely develop Logic App solutions without the Integration Account, but when working with certain scenarios you can get a lot of help from the interation account.


The target use cases for the Integration Account are:

  • Complex Transformations with Maps
  • Complex Message definitions with Schema
  • Support for XML processing like validation and transformation
  • Enterprise Connectors for common Line of Business Systems
  • Trading Partner Management
  • B2B support for EDI, X12, EDIFACT


I believe the biggest strength of the Integration Account is the way that Microsoft have chosen to seperate it from Logic Apps as an additional feature. The advanced enterprise integration features are ones which are typically expensive and by offering a SKU without these for Logic Apps then it allows for very wide adoption of Logic Apps outside of the use cases which companies would have chosen BizTalk for by comparison.

For those companies who do need the enterprise features however you can simply add on the Integration Account and use them.


The biggest weakness for Integration Account is the cost. If your a small user then it might not be so bad but if you are using a lot of EDI agreements or a lot of maps, especially if your an ISE customer then the cost can be significant (Especially if you consider dev/test/prod). Make sure you fully evaluate the cost before committing heavily on the integration account.


The only dependancy is Azure and a Logic App


The costs for the Integration Account are a per hour charge based on the size of SKU (how many things you need).
The pricing model is quite straight forward however as a word of caution I would consider how your development and test environments may cost as their seems to be 1 cost per Integration Account.

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The Integration Account is really about adding some BizTalk like features to Logic Apps for those complex Enterprise Integration use cases.

I think in due course there will be guidance around how customers using BizTalk and Logic Apps can leverage both Integration Account compared to the BizTalk alternative for a Cloud migration strategy.

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