Useful Tools
  • 27 May 2021
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Useful Tools

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Article summary

This section will help you to find some of the common tools used by people working with integration solutions.

API Tools


Postman will help you test services which are accessed over HTTP.


Swagger has tools to help you with API development.

Architecture Diagrams

Integration Stencil for Visio

This stencil from Sandro Pereira will help you do diagrams in visio for cloud and integration solutions.

Azure Stencil

Azure Icon Collection

Azure Tools

These tools will help you with Azure.

Azure Resource Explorer

Lets you look at resources via the API.

Storage Explorer

Azure Storage explorer is a tool to help you work with storage accounts on Azure

Serverless 360

Serverless360 is a tool to help you support serverless solutions built on the Azure cloud

Service Bus Explorer

Service Bus Explorer helps you manage and develop with Azure Service Bus


These tools will help you with javascript.

Javascript Editor

Sometimes with Logic Apps you will need to develop inline javascript code. This tool is useful to help you write the javascript and to get it right before copying it to your Logic App

Json Tools

These tools will help you with json.


Tools to help formatting json:

Json Validation

Tools to help json validation:

Generate Json Schema from Json

Generate Json from Json Schema

.net Tools

.net Configuration

If you have app.config files in your solution this tool with help you with transforms for them.


RegEx 101

This tool will help you to write and test regular expressions.

Diff Checker

This tool allows you to compare 2 different sets of text to find differences.

XML Tools

These tools will help you with xml.


Tools to help formatting XML

XPath Generator

If you need to workout the xpath query to use from a sample xml document then this tool can help you.

XSLT Tester

This tool allows you to easily test out your xslt transforms

Generate XML from XSD

Tool to generate example xml messages from an xsd

Generate XSD from XML

Tools to generate a schema from an XSD

Validate XML

Tools to help validation of XML

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